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We know how great it feels to have your carpets cleaned and looking brand new. We also know thatbecause of the demand from today’s high pressured society you don’t always have the time to give your carpets the care and attention they deserve. That’s why here at Steam Source we use the hot water extraction method. It gives your carpets the cleanest look possible along with an incredibly fast drying time to give you the look you want and the clean it needs, all while working with your busy schedule.

We begin each stop with our specially designed 10 Step Cleaning Process.This carpet cleaning process has helped build Steam Source into the powerful cleaning business that it is today. We make sure to give you the best carpet cleaning we can while not breaking your bank!

How it works:

As mentioned before, we use what is called the Hot Water Extraction Method, also known as, “Steam Cleaning”. This method of carpet cleaning starts with the hot water being combined with a specially formulated cleaning solution inside our trucks. The hot water and cleaning solution mixture is then injected deep into the fibers of your carpet, breaking apart all those pesky dirt and dust particles giving your carpets the deepest clean possible. Immediately following, the hot water and cleaning solution mixture, combined with the dirt and soil being removed from your carpet, is extracted using our high powered vacuums. This process removes all the dirt, soil, muck and grime out of your carpets and your home and into a holding tank located in our trucks. Along with removing all of this, our powerful vacuums also remove 95% of the moisture from your carpets! This allows for much faster drying times so that you can get back to your traditional day to day within just a few short hours.

We’ve talked about getting the most “bang for your buck”, but let’s expand on that just a little bit. We have a motto here at Steam Source. That motto is “We will move anything that two men can safely move.” Along with getting your carpets the deepest clean possible and having the fastest drying times, our technician’s will move any furniture that two men can safely move so that you get the best overall clean we can possibly give you. As an added benefit, just to ensure that there are no stains left behind on your fresh clean carpet (whether it’s a wood chair, or metal legs from a sofa), we will also place either Foam Blocks or Plastic Chips underneath your furniture when moving it back into its proper place.

Steam Source Proudly Serves the Winston-Salem, Kernersville and Greensboro Areas.

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