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We live up to that promise and not only will we clean your carpets and get the floors of your homes cleaned and smelling great, but while we’re at it, we can clean the air that gets put into your home as well! If you’ve been having problems with those aggravating allergies or you simply want that crisp clean air in your home duct cleaning may be the thing for you!

Why do it?
When mentioning this service countless people tend to ask “What is in my ducts?” or “Why do my ducts need cleaning?” Well, here’s the answer. The majority of colds and respiratory issues come from airborne pollutants. Some of the most common pollutants in the normal household duct can include: Dust, Mold, Spiders, Insects, Rodent Feces, Pollen and more! Every time you turn on your HVAC system and it begins to blow air through your ducts, all these pollutants (and many more) get blown through your vents and into your home. This is what you breathe every day and what will end up on you, your furniture, even on/in your food.

Another added bonus is not only the health benefit but the monetary outcome. When your ducts get stuffed with dust and clogged with debris it causes your HVAC system to work harder, costing you more money! So not only will you be gaining fresher, cleaner and healthier air, but you’ll even be able to save a few extra dollars on those bills at the end of the month!

Signs and Symptoms:

The leading sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned is something we in the cleaning industry call; Soil Filtration. This occurs most frequently at the edges of the rooms, where the baseboards and the carpeting press against each other. Your house breathes through all of the cracks and crevices that it has and when your HVAC system kicks in, it gets the air stirring around even more.

If your system is dirty or putting out polluted air, it’s going to make this soil filtration even worse by pushing out dirty air and forcing all that dirt and soil through those small places. While the air in your home is looking for an escape route the carpet that lies next to your walls and is pressed up against those cracks and crevices acts as a filter and traps all that dirt and soil the air is carrying. This is an issue that can also occur frequently around closets and beneath doors and in order to prevent it or keep it from becoming worse regular Duct Cleanings should be scheduled.

What is air duct cleaning?
This is another common question we come across when speaking with new clients about this particular service. When you clean the air ducts in your home you are removing all of the air born dust and debris from the ducting systems from your Forced Air Systems, Gravity Heaters and HVAC Systems. Compressed air is shot into the air duct system through the register/vent termination of each duct, removing all the dust and debris from your home. The entire system is gone through in this manner and finally the motor area is cleaned out.

It’s a pretty simple procedure, right? Please, give us a call and let us help you make your home even cleaner!

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